Carmel Girls’ Composite PU College, Mandya is owned and administered by the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa (CSST). It is inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ whose values are Love, Peace, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Equality, Joy and Service. As a minority institution, it continues to enjoy the rights and privileges guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. The CSST – Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa Institute was founded on the 24th of April, 1887 by Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima in the town of Ernakulum in Kerala.
Let’s take a moment and delve into the tale of this extraordinary institution pioneered by the birth of an extraordinary human being, Mary Grace. Born in Madras, South India on the 29th of January, 1858, her radical views and ideology opened up a new and glorious chapter for Indian women. As a woman of substance and perseverance, Mary Grace thought beyond her times and chose to take a leap of faith in the field of education. Her prowess, aptitude and charismatic persona led to many significant achievements during her tryst with education. She used learning as a weapon and a tool that enabled girls to become leaders and upright citizens, contributing to the evolution of society.

Deeply involved in spreading the light of God’s love through her quest for human rights, caste reconciliation, gender justice, and social justice, she envisioned a new world committed to women empowerment. Her vision unraveled the proliferation of monumental operations redefining her approach towards upliftment that continues to be celebrated through her covenant/ commitment to God and His children( expressed through the words, Amazing Grace)delete in brackets. Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima, formerly known as Mary Grace has spearheaded a new dawn in education. Several of her initiatives, innovations, and achievements in education and social advancement have assumed a prophetic character in the dynamic national and global scenarios.

As the calendar has run its course, her prowess led to the formulation of which now stands as one of the most renowned institutions in Karnataka, engaged in the quest to impart holistic education. As a Catholic and a Carmelite Institute, it strives to promote the holistic development of young minds based on the integral amalgamation of the human persona, life, and the world. The Management and the staff, faithful to the spirit of the Foundress – Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima, work together paying tribute to her vision of transforming students’ into citizens worthy of God, the Nation, and the World. Our rich heritage has built a foundation to provide world-class holistic education to women by strictly administering a universal education culture that does not differentiate on the grounds of caste, religion, and creed.