Dr. Sr. Ashwini CSST, the First Principal, Carmel PUC, Mandya

“Many people mistake our work for our vocation. Our vocation is the love of Jesus manifested in our dedicated ‘Works and Words,’ without which the Light of Christ diminishes.”Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Today,humanity has achieved glory, beauty, morality, truth, wisdom, knowledge, virtue and universal love through such ‘Works and Words’of thousands like-minded souls.  Growth, progress, achievement, and success stories of Carmel PU, Mandya, have spread their wings across the globe empowering hundreds of adolescents. I always affectionately get affiliated to Carmel PU, Mandya, for those fond reminiscences as I often saunter down my memory lane. In 2010, when we initiated the Foundation as a monument of the Golden Jubilee of Carmel School, the anxious parents of Mandya never hesitated to send their wards to a new college despite the incomplete Project. The maiden batch consisting 53 students were ever creative,studious,and deeply thirsty for the holistic formation.This reflected in the many laurels brought in by them in cultural, sports and academic performances in the District, the Zonal and the State level.There was no stone unturned to facilitate effective and holistic higher learning among these ‘hungry birds’. On the Tin Jubilee of their Alma Mater, I wish to meet them on the same Knowledge-Pro platform to congratulate and to express my gratitude to all those who worked tirelessly.

Years have quickly rolled by paving the way to host the Aluminium Jubilee. At this juncture,I am filled with righteous pride and pleasure, tocongratulate the indefatigable present Management, Principal,Staff, and Students as they bring out this Souvenir as a tribute to the yester years. My message is a token of gratitude to those who had laboured untiringly to make the Institution great and a memento to honour those who are striving through their dedicated service. As you forge ahead with the present challenges created by the Pandemic, may the Almighty enfold the unknown future with hope to restore the world to its originality. May the future posterity aspiring to enter the portals of Carmel PU, imbibe its great ideals, ‘Live and LetLive,’ for a sustainable development and to contribute towards a safe and healthier biome.


“With warm wishes and God’s Blessings!!!”

Dr. Sr. Ashwini CSST

Mount Carmel College Autonomous