A mile and an inch.

The ingredients and a pinch.

 Being underestimated is the strongest power you can have, because it is only you who has the idea of your comeback.The biggest mistake we always make is, we overestimate what’s going against us, and underestimate what is within us.A self-confident and an instinct believer has nothing to do with the estimates and criticism posed on him.

At some point of time, all of us have been underestimated by one or the other superior at school, college, work place or society.Then why do repeat the same?
Who else will know the real value of education, better than an illiterate?
We might have walked a mile, and the other person just an inch,
But what if we are on the wrong path and the other is on the right?
Does our mile even count now?,In fact, we are a mile and an inch lagging behind.
Our bowl of soup may have more vegetables with no salt, and the other person’s bowl may have less variety of veggies but a perfect pinch of salt,
So which one does look attractive?But which one tastes better?
Before underestimating someone,let’s analyse these little things, because not always a mile is better than an inch, and the ingredients than a pinch!!

Once before estimating someone’s ability, let’s question to ourselves,
Are we really helping them improve their performance by letting them know?
Or are we just securing yourself?Take time to think, because those who spend time looking at the faults in others, spends no time to correct their own.

                                                                            RuchikaJain (Batch 2016-17)